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StorySpeak is a language for the specification of agents programs. It is yet-another formalization of the BDI+P paradigm. This time, the language is especially designed for the authoring of short virtual stories. The aim of the language is to provide means for both character-centric approach and author-centric approach. The StorySpeak interpreter distinguishes between virtually embodied agents (actors) and bodiless omniscient agent (story director). Firstly, the author has means to create roles (the set of believes, desires and plans) for every actor that should participate in the story. Secondly, the author may specify intentions of the story director, that can alter the BDI intention stack of any actor at any given time allowing the author to switch between two mentioned approaches.

StorySpeak Diploma Thesis successfully defended (2009) at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Czech Republic.

Several months has passed by and I already have new thoughts how to drive the StorySpeak beyond its basic BDI capabilities ... unfortunately, I don't have much time right now to materialize them.

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