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PoJACTR is composition of Pogamut, Java and ACT-R. It means that it is plugin which connects Pogamut with cognitive architecture ACT-R, specifically with Java implementation of ACT-R called jACT-R.

PoJACTR Beta is finally out! Currently only in our SVN, go to Installing PoJACTR section if you want to try it.

Good news: Whole PoJACT-R architecture is implemented and connection to jACT-R is tested and working. All modules implemented by jACT-R are functional. PoJACTRBot and PoJACTRRuntime is functional and tested. PoJACT-R perception and motor modules for UT2004 are implemented and partially tested.

Bad news: Javadoc documentation is currently very poor. Documentation of architecture and PoJACTR design paterns are missing. Logging is raw - all logs are written by log4j and Pogamut loggers are not used. Attention buffers are missing.

Update 4.8.2009:
Attention in AbstractPoJACTRActivationBuffer? is completed. In model hunter.jactr production module asks if visual module see enemy.
For logging see PoJACTR logs section. Javadoc documentation is completed, you can find it in project PoJACTRUT2004/docs (online version will be soon).

Current Work
1. Primary objective is to finish work on user documentation PoJACTR design patterns?.
2. I am finishing bachelor so I am busy right know, PoJACTR have to wait...

Road map

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