Pogamut : Human-like artifical agents 2008-09 summer semester students score

Human-like artifical agents 2008-09 summer semester students score

Students' bots

Student bots - Summer 2009 (contains students' projects + Pogamut v2.4.1)

CTF bot submitted and accepted from:

Kamil Kos + Jiří Vejmola

Matus Tejiscak + Milutin Kristofic

Tomás Balyo + Martin Babka (aspiration for the Best Bot Award 2009, nice combat behavior, distributed decision making system, combat dodging)

David Skupien + Radek Macha

Michal Danilák + Kristína Bártová

Radek Fürbach (aspiration for the Best Bot Award 2009, adds CTF behavior into Loque bot, inter-bot communication, team synchronization - bots nicely cooperate)

Peter Ondruška

Josef Jirásek + Barbora Návratová Best Bot Award 2009 Complex behavior, nicely coded, commented, cool Pogamut tricks (behaviour name inside the bot name, manual spawns, custom plane pathfinder and more!) CONGRAT!

Jindra Pilmann

Petr Kadleček + Martin Kahoun (leader-oriented reasoning, one bot in the team is leader others are soldiers, contains also sniping behavior)

Honza Ambrož

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