We are a research and development group at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Our main scope is serious games and modelling intelligent behaviour of artificial systems, predominantly human-like artificial agents. We love 3D virtual reality and we love learning.

Research areas

  • serious videogames
  • multimedia learning and human-computer interaction
  • gaming artificial intelligence
  • cognitive neuroinformatics
  • virtual storytelling
  • episodic memory modelling
  • computational ethology


We believe that every theoretical algorithm has to be implemented and its abilities demonstrated on a software prototype. Thus, software projects are our major output. We also believe that students can learn a lot when working on these projects. Thus, educated students are also our important "outcome".


Students bring fresh ideas. We welcome new students, both bachelor as well as master students of computer sciences and beyond. In case you want to work with us, don't hesitate to contact us. In fact, we also work with high-school students. In case you are a high-school student and want to see us in action at your school, contact us as well!


Most of our applications can be downloaded. Check out the project page with more information on our current projects.

Contact us

Send us an email: amis-info -at- ksvi -dot- mff -dot- cuni -dot- cz.
We don't have a Facebook profile. Guess why ;-)

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