For the Heart of Europe!

Clash of major power in the unconventional war. Entangle yourself in the world of diplomacy and intrics. Try to persuade any and every country that your position is right. Fail to do so and you are doomed!


You are Mr. Obama representing USA. Launch diplomatic phrases on other countries via clicking. Click to select Obama and click on another head/country to send a message.
If your message is strong enough it will win you the control over the other country.
Remember: different persons listens to only certain other persons so you will have to use newly conquered countries to persuede others.
And don't forget: you can brace your own countries by letting them talk to each other!

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Made for Ludum Dare 32 Game Jam (but only in 2 days), April 2015

Authors: Jakub Gemrot, Eliska Hermanska, Lukas Kolek